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Terms of Use

01/01/0001 00:00:00

Terms of Use


The e-shop was created aiming at widening the available shopping choices on the one hand, and enhancing the 2-way communication and feedback on the other, building on the time-cemented mutual respect and trust between the brand and its broad client base.

The use of all information contained in the website is free of charge and without any direct or indirect charges or obligations. The use of the website and consequent transactions can be performed regardless of whether the user is registered in the JULIA & MORE GOLD CARD CLUB, it is governed though by the following terms and conditions.

Before entering and using the e-shop, please read carefully and make sure you understand and agree to these terms and conditions, since subsequent use and browsing on the website implies your unreserved acknowledgement and consent.

  1. The entire content of the website including but not limited to texts, graphics, logos, icons, and code, is the intellectual and commercial property of “UNITED FASHION BRANDS S.A.” (UFB) and is protected by Greek and European Union law. Any unauthorized use of the website including but not limited to the reproduction, distribution, display or transmission of its content is strictly prohibited, unless authorized in writing by UFB. UFB explicitly prohibits any use of the content of the website except for ‘read-only’ purposes. Furthermore, UFB reserves all legal and contractual rights, deriving from but not expressly mentioned in the present paragraph.
  2. Use of the website services to people under 18 is prohibited. UFB bears no responsibility for individuals underage entering and using the website of their own accord.
  3. It is understood that website content is periodically updated. However, UFB bears no responsibility for the correctness of the content at any given moment.
  4. UFB bears no responsibility for the content, legality and use of websites that refers to, or provides access to.
  5. UFB may at its sole discretion temporarily or indefinitely block access, suspend, or discontinue the operation of the  website, as well as to alter its contents in any way it sees fit, without prior notice. Furthermore, UFB reserves the right of termination of any services/offers, as well as their duration or their terms and conditions, without prior notice.
  6. UFB does not in any way guarantee the uninterrupted and flawless operation of its on-line shop and its associated texts, files, forms and images, and bears no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be the result of any unlikely malfunction of the software.
  7. In case access to the website’s services requires the use of a username and/or password of the client, the user/client is solely responsible for any risk of leaks, or arbitrary or illegal use by her/him, or any third party.
  8. Any illegal or unauthorized use of the website/e-shop which runs against the terms and conditions laid out and described herein is strictly prohibited. It is acknowledged that the user of the website implicitly and a priori accepts these terms and conditions.
  9. The non-exercise by UFB of any of its rights regarding authority or compensation that emanates from the law does not in any way imply that UFB waives these rights. The present general terms and conditions are governed by Greek law and any disputes are to be settled by the Greek courts. However, UFB reserves the right to resign from the present stipulation and subject to and interpret the present terms according to the law of the user’s country, and refer jurisdiction of the user’s country.

UFB pledges that it will use any personal information that the website visitors voluntarily provide in the course of registration or transaction processing with discretion and in a way that is compatible with the Greek and European Union law, aiming at providing the best possible service to its visitors and clients, while at the same time receiving valuable feedback from its clients, in order to improve and better attune services, layout, and content to their wishes and expectations.

UFB protects personal information submitted by visitors of, according to the existing law. Visitors/users of acknowledge and accept the storing and processing of their personal information for the exclusive use for which they were submitted.
UFB bears no responsibility for the unauthorized submission of personal information by third parties which may be false, untrue, or inaccurate with the aim of deception and/or fraudulent use.
 does not store banking and credit card details. For added security reasons, this information must be re-entered with every new order.

For more information on Protection Policy and Personal Data processing please press here.

Transactions performed through the  website/e-shop are processed in a highly secure environment. The e-shop uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the most widely accepted international standard for the encryption of information, thus ensuring the highest possible degree of safety and security of information and transactions.