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Προσωπικά Δεδομένα

UFB pledges that it will use any personal information that the website visitors voluntarily provide in the course of registration or transaction processing with discretion and in a way that is compatible with the Greek and European Union law, aiming at providing the best possible service to its visitors and clients, while at the same time receiving valuable feedback from its clients, in order to improve and better attune services, layout, and content to their wishes and expectations.

UFB protects personal information submitted by visitors of, according to the effective laws. Visitors/users of acknowledge and accept the storing and processing of their personal information for the exclusive use for which they were submitted.
UFB bears no responsibility for the unauthorized submission of personal information by third parties which may be false, untrue, or inaccurate with the aim of deception and/or fraudulent use.


UFB and in appreciation of your trust and loyalty handles the information you entrust us with, with the utmost care and respect.
Company policy regarding the management of personal data is analyzed herebelow so that you are fully aware of the kind of data collected, the way it is collected, stored and handled, the underlying reasons for requesting these data, as well as its safeguarding of your right to access and  modify or delete, partially or in full.

Information that may be stored temporarily stores purchase and delivery information that is indispensable for the processing of an order.

For added security reasons, sensitive banking and credit card information is not stored, and is, instead, deleted after the completion of a transaction. This information must be resubmitted for any subsequent order.

When registering (sign-up)  the following information may be stored to facilitate future orders and with the sole purpose of maximizing customer satisfaction with respect to the fashion proposals of JULIA BERGOVICH as well as to ease and speed-up service and communication through  in a user-friendly, intuitive and exciting virtual environment:  

  • Address data for facilitating your subsequent orders. 
  • Previous purchases’ history, as a personally accessible data file, that may help you with future orders.
  • Contact data for optimal service in the course of execution of your order, but also to inform you about, and update you on new and existing products as well as offers and other issues relating to the brand that may be of interest to you.
  • Statistics. Personal family info as well as preference data, that will aid us in fine-tuning the collection to match your needs and fashion preferences. These statistical data may pertain to size, color, type of garment (e.g. knits, trousers, etc.) preferences, as well as demographics (geographical dispersion, age groups, family status, etc.).
In addition, the website uses cookies for recognition and better interactive experience for the client.  

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of information which are embedded in your computer browser when you log on to a website. Cookies do not collect your personal identification information (IP address, browser type, domain name, etc), they allow us though to provide a more personal and user-friendly browsing and shopping environment.

If, for any reason, you are concerned about residual cookies in your computer, you may delete them through the Security options of your browser.