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To order any of the products available through the e-shop, fill in the required fields requested in the item selection, personal info entering, and order confirmation forms. At any point before final confirmation, you can delete a previous selection, change any of the order’s details (color, size, quantity, payment method, delivery address, etc), or even exit without finalizing the order.

Registering and being a member of the JULIA BERGOVICH GOLD CARD CLUB is NOT necessary for your online shopping.  Nevertheless, we urge you to create your own personal account, in order to fully enjoy the Card’s many advantages:


  • Benefits, sales discounts, and special offers described in the terms of the JULIA BERGOVICH GOLD CARD CLUB! Press here for details.
  • Periodic notifications and updates on new products (new arrivals), new shops, special offers, dates to remember, etc.
  • Ordering is made easy and simple, since once you setup your personal profile, it is not necessary to enter your data for every new order (name, address, contact info, shipping address etc). For information on our strict Privacy Policy press here.
  • Previous orders' history is available through your profile, to assist you on future choices.
  • Wish List creation with your favorite styles, for future reference.
Due to the nature of on-line shopping and the fixed-interval updating of availability data, JULIA BERGOVICH cannot guarantee the selected products' availability at the time of order confirmation. Nevertheless, in the unlikely event of shortage, our staff is committed to give top priority to informing you about the problem or any other issue regarding your order.



       All Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards are accepted.

      Interest-free monthly payments are possible, depending on individual                     bank regulations. Press here for details.  

       Once the order is placed, the corresponding amount will be blocked in your            account,  but will not be charged. In case of insufficient available quantity, the        Customer  Service Department will contact you. Actual charge of the amount in      your  account  will become effective only after processing and confirmation from      the  Dispatch  Department and the resolution of any problems to your satisfa-  

This service is available only for shipments within the Greek territory.
      Deliveries are processed through GENIKI TACHIDROMIKI courier service, 
      and the payment amount is handed directly to the courier.


  • guarantees that on-line prices are identical to prices in the JULIA & MORE and MORE & MORE shops throughout the Greek territory.
  • An invoice for the items bought can be issued upon request.
  • Prices shown are VAT inclusive.
  • reserves the right to alter any item's price at any time. However, prices recorded at the time of sale are final and unchangeable.
  • For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, the customer may incur additional import duties and expenses, in conformance to bilateral agreements between the E.U. and the destination country.

          a)Greek Territory
           All deliveries are effected through GENIKI TACHIDROMIKI courier service                for all Greek destinations.
        Delivery lead time: 3-5 working days.
        For Remote Destinations (certain remote islands, small towns/villages), 1-2           additional days should be allowed. For a list of Remote Destinations, please             press  here.
        Cost of delivery: Deliveries are free of charge.

        b)E.U. and Other Countries

All deliveries are processed through TNT Couriers for all destinations outside           the territory of Greece.
             Please consult Table 1: Delivery Destinations for a list of available                          destinations by country and related charges and delivery times.

Note 1. For details on the status of your order and estimated time of delivery, follow the corresponding link on your order confirmation message.

Note 2. Force majeure. guarantees optimal service and timely delivery of your order. However, accepts no responsibility for delays attributed to extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, floods), civil unrest, riots, strikes, etc.


All transactions through the e-shop are conducted in a secure electronic environment. Our e-shop uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the most widely accepted international standard of data encryption, thus guaranteeing in the worldwide best possible way the security and privacy of your data and transactions. Furthermore, and for reasons of added security, does not store your bank and credit card information. These data should be entered anew for every new order.